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The GFsix Show!


GFsix Show's Fan-Duel League

SOLD OUT FOR WEEK #11, See you Wednesday for week #12! $1 entry fee!


Each week you'll compete against our very own GFsix Show Crew, GFsix Members & Fans Of The Show in some crazy fun Weekly fan-Duel FOOTBALL!. "ALL CASH PRIZES"


Anyone who signs up with fanduel (*THROUGH THE BANNER ON THIS PAGE -or- Website) will grab a dollar for dollar match on your opening FANDUEL account. *Example: You put in $10 bucks to start, then you get a free GFSIX $10 bucks making it a cool $20 bucks to start. Use this FREE cash to play in our league.

Forget about year long commitments and bad commissioners. Because In the GFsix Fan-Duel League you can play ANY weeks you want and pick a new team to battle *Every Single Week!


EACH WEEK there will be 100 spots open, ($5 entry fee per week) and the top *12 scores will WIN some CRAZY CASH! Get this, you have a 1 in 100 shot at the TOP CASH PRIZE EACH & EVERY WEEK THAT YOU PLAY!

The GFsix *Special League's (*Played 10 Times A Season) there are 5k spots open in this league ($2 entry Per TEAM) & the top *3000 scores will WIN SOME CRAZY CASH PRIZES!

It's so easy to play, simply sign up to the GFsix Fanduel League by #1. clicking on any of the Fanduel banners on this page, #2. Come back to this page and hit the HOTLINK (*FEATURED TOURNAMENT BOX), #3 create your team with ANY players based on a $60,000 salary cap, #4. enter your team into our GFsix Show's league, #5. pay your $5 entry fee for that week and win the pot! If your team WINS the week, your cash is in your Fanduel account the next day! All scoring is kept on the fanduel page electronically & you can even download the fanduel app for any phones to keep track of your team on mobile.

Each week the GFsix Show's Fanduel **HOTLINK** will be displayed right here on this page, IT'S OUR (FEATURED TOURNAMENT) after you're a member of Fanduel, you'll be able to access this "LIVE" link and join the GFsix Show's League of 100 or 5k players! (*Every Single Week).

Our Regular league has 100 players per week, as soon as you see the FEATURED TOURNAMENT HOTLINK button on this page, (*PLACED EVERY WEDNESDAY Between 4-6 PM EST.) YOU MUST CLICK IT, if you miss out on a week, JOIN faster next WEEK.. We post the league HOT LINK every WEDNESDAY. Sometimes it fills up in an hour other times it takes a few days, I would get your team in the league as soon as you see the hotlink on this site. (We can't hold you a spot, sorry).

Do you have what it takes, sign up today and prove it!

Year To Date Total Cash Our Show's League's Has Gave -A-Way ... Is $644,950.00!

Check Out The NEW Fan Doo Goo Roo On Every GFsix Show!

Click the Fanduel Banner Bellow, To Create Your Fanduel Account & Join The GFsix Show's League.....

$2 Bucks To Enter Your Team In Our Show's Fanduel League, By Clicking The Hot Link Bellow!


Ton's Of League Info On The GFsix Radio Show. Listen In This Week & Hear More About The League! All Weeks Winners Our Posted Right Here & On Our Show's Facebook Fan Page. Have Some Fun & Win Some Cash Today!


1st $1,500 2nd $900 3rd $700 4th $600 5th $500 6th $400 7th $300

8th $200 9th $150 10th - 11th $100 12th - 13th $80 14th - 16th $60 17th - 20th $50 21st - 30th $40

31st - 45th $30 46th - 70th $20

71st - 100th $10 101st - 150th $8

151st - 300th $6 301st -

680th $5 681st - 1720th $4